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Absinthe Jade 1901 68% - 70cl

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Absinthe Jade 1901 68% - 70cl
Absinthe Jade 1901 68% - 70cl
65,00 € ¹
Contenu : 0.7 Liter (92,86 € ¹ / 1 Liter) Prix incl. TVA légale plus frais de port

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Contenu : 8,00 € 160,00 €/Liter Prix incl. TVA légale plus frais de port
Réplique de l'absinthe historique Pernod Fils, l'absinthe Jade 1901 de Ted Breaux est une absinthe pour les connaisseurs.
Couleur: Une couleur péridot claire aux reflets jaune ocre. Louche: Se propage tranquillement tout en s'épaississant. Arômes: L'anis vert occupe et domine la pièce tandis que le louche se forme. Bouche: Un parfait équilibre, rond, lisse avec des saveurs uniques. En premier plan, un anis vert de grande qualité, rapidement suivie d'une grande absinthe florale et d'un puissant hysope, tout comme son ancêtre, la Pernod Fils pré-ban. Définitivement la plus réussie reproduction d'absinthe historique! Finale: Pas de secret ici, l'anis vert engourdit savoureusement la langue et le palais, et semble ne plus vouloir nous quitter. Découvrez le coffret cadeau Jade 1901 comportant une bouteille d'absinthe Jade 1901 ainsi qu'un verre réservoir à bulle, le tout emballé dans une belle boîte en bois.

Le saviez-vous?

- Les absinthes Jades sont distillées dans les alambics 'bain marie' en cuivre, rachetés à la très célèbre distillerie Pernod Fils de Pontarlier. D'une contenance de 1150 litres, ils ont été entièrement conçus à la main vers 1870 et possèdent une complète calibration hydraulique.

- Toutes les absinthes Jades sont scellées à la main avec de la cire traditionnelle et chaque bouteille reçoit le sceau d'authenticité de Jade.

- Savourez dans un premier temps votre Jade PF 1901 avec un demi-sucre. Ensuite, selon votre goût, augmentez ou diminuez la quantité.

- Pour une dose d’absinthe (3cl), ajouter 2 à 5 doses d’eau fraîche.

- Savourez dans un premier temps votre Jade PF 1901 avec un demi-sucre. Ensuite, selon votre goût, augmentez ou diminuez la quantité.

- Pour une dose d’absinthe (3cl), ajouter 2 à 5 doses d’eau fraîche.

- Savourez dans un premier temps votre Jade PF 1901 avec un demi-sucre. Ensuite, selon votre goût, augmentez ou diminuez la quantité.

- Pour une dose d’absinthe (3cl), ajouter 2 à 5 doses d’eau fraîche.

Comment déguster

- Savourez dans un premier temps votre Jade PF 1901 avec un demi-sucre. Ensuite, selon votre goût, augmentez ou diminuez la quantité.

- Pour une dose d’absinthe (3cl), ajouter 2 à 5 doses d’eau fraîche.

À partir de 18 ans. Ce produit contient de l'alcool et ne peut être vendu à des personnes de moins de 18 ans. Par conséquent, votre âge légal sera vérifié lors du processus de commande. "L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé. À consommer avec modération.
  • Distillerie / Marque : Distillerie Combier & Jade Liqueurs
  • Type de produit: Absinthe
  • Description: Boisson spiritueuse
  • Pays d'origine: France
  • Responsable de la mise sur le marché: rs, Distillerie Combier, 48 Rue, Beaurepaire, 49400 Saumur, FR
  • Quantité nette: 70cl
  • Taux d'alcool: 68% vol
  • Mode d'emploi: Avec eau
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Plus de détails

Distillerie / Marque: Distillerie Combier & Jade Liqueurs
Région: Saumur
Type de produit: Absinthe
Marque: Combier
Description: Boisson spiritueuse
Couleur de l'absinthe: Verte
Pays d'origine: France
Procédé de production: Distillation
Bouchon: Bouchon en liege
Authentique: Oui
Responsable de la mise sur le marché: rs, Distillerie Combier, 48 Rue, Beaurepaire, 49400 Saumur, FR
Quantité nette: 70cl
Taux d'alcool: 68% vol
Mode d'emploi: Avec eau
Alcool de base: Eau-de-vie de Vin

Évaluations de clients pour (75)

29 avr. 2020

Our favorite bottle of absinthe. It's the one we always have guest try first since it faithfully represents a classic absinthe in taste and color.

9 mars 2020

A Classic. Highly recommended. Well balanced and artisanal

27 nov. 2019

Absolutely delicious. I experimented quite a lot with this drink. I found that the best flavors I could get out of it were by mixing it with just water (and no sugar,) or by mixing it with cranberry soda instead of water if I was feeling like drinking something more sweet.

The color is beautiful, especially when it louches. There's nothing quite like holding this drink up and having the sunlight shine through it.

The anise is the strongest flavor in this drink, but there are many pleasant flavors in the background.

It is not overpowering in any sense. It goes down smooth and leaves your mouth feeling silky due to the louche.

Overall, I highly recommend this. It is perfect in my eyes. If you hate the flavor of anise, this isn't for you, but then again neither is absinthe in general.

2 sept. 2019

Exactly what I like about this absinthe is the complex mix of herbs and spices that give this an amazing taste. I've come across quite a few absinthes that can pass as just tasting like "black jellybeans" to most people, but this one separates itself from that crowd. The anise and fennel are not on the forefront of this particular one. In fact, it's hard to even tell if there is one dominant flavor. It's like they all meld together into a delicious mural of colorful tastes that leave you wondering what you just tasted, but you don't care, you just want more. On top of the flavor, the louche is particularly thick and opalescent. It really is a beauty. This is an expensive bottle, but one that every absinthe drinker should try. I would recommend it for more experienced absinthe drinkers since it is a real top shelf bottle and it's nice to try it after wetting your whistle with a few others prior. This is the kind of spirit I would not buy frequently, but I know I will be very happy coming back to.

5 août 2019

Classic little number. Although the anise is not overpowering it is predominant and for my palate it made it hard to discern other elements, the louche and mouth feel it exquisite. Most enjoyable drink, try with a little less sugar but as twist treat yourself to some 'Parma Violets' (sweets) on the side the combination is lovely.

My only gripe is the wine bottle style cork, without a hand openable element; the alcohol evaporation dries the cork out to the point of disintegration the cork-screw destroyed it, poring through a tea strainer was an interesting addition to the absinthe ritual, perhaps next time I should add my iced water served from a tea-pot!

14 mai 2019

This one is a perfect allround absinthe for every mood.
No hangovers, high quality alcohol.
Very dominant anise taste, with a spicy white pepper touch.
Simple liquorice taste, with wormwood in the background and floral notes on top accompanied with a earthy and sweet wine taste.

21 mars 2019

Wow, this is just it. I had a few different bottles to taste, me and all of my mates simply said 1901 was the best of them all. Thick and rich texture, super oily, provides a wonderful louche effect, taste is just what you would expect, full, round, pungent and refined. Lots of grassy absinthe notes and mild-thick aniseed. Vivid olive green hue with thick louche, intense aromatic experience, to be sipped slowly, intensely aromatic, super smooth, on the connoisseur side, extremely refined and rewaring. Delicious.

30 déc. 2018

Très bonne absinthe riche en goût. Un apéritif qui séduira les connaisseurs. Je recommande

13 sept. 2018

One of my favorite absinthes. Underlying sweetness, matched with a healthy bitterness but not biting in any way. The balance of flavors is amazing. High alcohol content, but doesn't taste that way. I prefer it on the rocks without sugar or water, and wait for minimal dilution before starting to enjoy.

10 sept. 2018

This is my first purchase of Absinthe and will definitely not be my last. I thought I would hate the taste as I normally drink whiskeys, vodkas, and rum but I've found myself a new norm. Will definitely recommend it to my friends and family. Although I'm only a beginner, I know I'll be an Absinthe enthusiast before long.

31 août 2018

Wonderful in every way imaginable. On time delivery, beautiful designed bottle

21 août 2018

Probablement ce qui se fait de mieux... Les arômes subtiles et délicats font de cette Absinthe un envoutement pour les papilles.

21 juil. 2018

The bottle has a very nice look. I have not opened it yet but I am confident of the quality of the Absinthe Jade

13 juin 2018

I like absinthe straight, over ice. Given that, this is one of the best for my taste. Very balanced and smooth. Because I drink it straight, the lower alcohol content allows other flavors to come through. My current favorite that I will definitely reorder.

19 mai 2018

Jade 1901 my favorite because the feel and complex flavors are not harsh. I M new to enjoying absinthe but I really enjoy this one.

28 avr. 2018

Absolut nichts für Anis-Phobiker... sehr vintage u. staubig im Geschmack!

27 févr. 2018

I have tried a number of absinthe's now and the Jade 1901 is, without doubt, the best one for my own personal taste. Everything comes together to give you a wonderful taste of what an Absinthe should be.

22 janv. 2018

Nachdem ich erst eine Probeflasche bestellt habe, war ich sofort von diesem filigranen und sehr komplexen Absinthe begeistert. Ich schwanke immernoch ob mir der Jade 1901 oder Esprit Edouard besser mundet? Beide sind auf sehr hohem Niveau und hervorragend.

31 oct. 2017

One of the best absinthes I've had. My only complaint is that the cork was rotten, broke in two, and could not be used to reseal the bottle. A more conventional stopper would have been nice.

24 oct. 2017

I was a bit reluctant t first to try Jade 1901 because this was my first time trying absinthe...but I absolutely loved it!!!!

22 oct. 2017

Beautiful, delicious absinthe! Wonderfully smooth with some great, complex flavours. Only thing I found the cork to be low quality and disintegrated on attempted removal, resulting in having to decant the absinthe to a different bottle.

19 oct. 2017

C'est parfait! Voilà un très bon équilibre entre l'anis et l'amertume. Pas l'idéal pour une initiation cependant.

17 oct. 2017

This was the first absinthe I ever had the pleasure of trying and let me just express my satisfaction! Upon opening great aroma, louche was glowing sea foam green. Taste was very strong anise, excellent blend of herbs. In Hemingways footsteps, it made for a tasty death in the afternoon! Bravo!

14 oct. 2017

Oui, excellente absinthe aux saveurs subtiles et raffinées, un seul défaut, son prix...!

27 sept. 2017

Uno dei migliori!!! Dopo il vs1898 questo assenzio è uno dei miei preferiti

25 sept. 2017

One of my absolute favorites. Gorgeous louche and great with or without sugar.

10 sept. 2017

Had to try with all the positive reviews. Complex body with a higher price point.

7 sept. 2017

J'aimais pas les absinthes à base d'alcool de vin. Elle m'a fait changer d'avis. C'est une tuerie.

20 juin 2017

Like the rest of the Jade line, this is an excellent bottle. Anyone with less of a taste for Anise may like this bottle more than the other Jades as it has a lighter anise flavor

24 mai 2017

Definitely an absinthe worth five stars! Rich and pleasant taste that warms the pallet with a lovely anise flavor.
The aroma is delicate and has a spicy hint.
The louche is what one would expect from a quality absinthe long milky trails turning the liquid a pearlescent white very pleasing to watch in anticipation!

9 avr. 2017

Jade is my favorite in Absinthe. Perfect taste, even drinkable with little water. Always a bootle at home : )

6 avr. 2017

delicious - the Jades deserve their good reputation!

14 mars 2017

I am not particularly well versed in absinthes having only drank 1 other about 10 years ago. I do, however, like ouzo, Pernod Pastis, Ricard Pastis. Jade 1901 fits the bill! It does what its supposed to do, and it does it very well indeed. If you're thinking about trying an absinthe, get this one; I don't think you'll be disappointed.
On another note, the packaging was superb; well done guys. It took about two weeks to get to NY but it arrived in perfect condition.
All round, a first class experience! Also email communication with is exemplary! I am one highly delighted customer. Thank you.

21 févr. 2017

der beste ;) unter den besten. wohl einer der besten

18 janv. 2017

Absolute fantastic. Most Absintheurs will be pleased with this one.

26 déc. 2016

This is so far the best absinthe I have ever tasted. Definetly recommended!

15 nov. 2016

I feel I got really lucky with my last order of Jade 1901, La Clandestine and Absinthe Amer 72 since they all are my new favorites (together with the Swedish green Opal).

16 juil. 2016

Tried this at an absinthe bar today. It was the second verte I'd tasted after an extremely ammonia-heavy drop that I couldn't finish and which had me convinced that I'd never be able to enjoy the drink. I'm very glad I tasted this, because it is one of the most gorgeous liquors I've ever tried. I'm nothing approaching an absinthe connoisseur, but I think anyone with a functioning mouth should be able to appreciate the complexity and exquisite taste and aroma of the Jade 1901. Ordering a bottle as soon as I'm able.

30 déc. 2015

Great absinthe! This absinthe has amazing taste and smell.

15 déc. 2014

Unquestionably one of the finest modern absinthes on the market. I have tasted a few pre-ban Pernod Fils, notably the very fresh 1914, and this truly does come at least reasonably close in flavor profile. Creamy, complex, rich, long, balanced -- all of the favorable adjectives apply. I've gone through 4 bottles so far, and have 3 more in reserve. I plan to always keep this on hand. It's very hard to match, let alone top. A genuine tour de force and well worth the price.

6 oct. 2014

Great absinthe, powerful trio of the three staple absinthe ingredients. Has good kick and I found myself going back for more and more. It becomes apparent there is a lot of care put into this drop while u sit there sipping away at it. If this is a close recreation of the PF I can see why it exploded into popularity. Cant wait to try the Jade Ed.

6 juil. 2014

Er riecht frisch und kräuterig. Der Fenchel kommt gut hervor. Die Trübung setzt bei der Wasserzugabe sehr schnell ein und ist dick und grün. Beim Geschmack kommt erst der Fenchel zum tragen, danach füllt eine ausbalancierte Gesamtheit aller Komponenten (auch der Heiligen Dreifaltigkeit) den gesamten Mundraum und im Abgang schmeckt man Wermut und eine herbe Note. (Auch die "typische" alkoholische Combier-Note ist dabei.)

Sterne: 5

8 mai 2014

This was another of the authentic absinthes that I researched before buying. Anise is the first taste to make its presence felt followed by understated fennel and wormwood. They are definitely there but they're supporting anise, the star of the show. I detect a hint of other spices but they are so subtle that they're hard to place.

Jade PF1901 is a sunny Summer day. It's complex but highly attractive.

The ersatz absinthes I've tasted all aspire to this.

24 avr. 2014

Amazing absinthe brand. My favourite was actually Libertine Intense before, but now it's certainly Jade 1901!

28 févr. 2014

It has been quite a while since I've enjoyed a bottle of Jade Absinthe (sadly, it's just not often in the budget), but I finally was able to set aside some funds for a bottle of 1901, which to this day is my favorite absinthe. I received the bottle in a timely fashion (10 days, not bad from Germany to California) and it was undamaged... and every bit as delicious as I remembered. Any absintheur should make it a point to sample the Jade absinthes, particularly the 1901. I can't wait until I can afford my next bottle, and I will definitely be using to order it!

27 janv. 2014

Really good absinthe, great color stand alone or mixed with water, very refined taste. I only give it 4.5/5 because the anise was a bit overwhelming for me, I preferred Eddy to this one, however I highly recommend to try the PF 1901! Thanks again for fast and secure shipping, got it the day before new years :). Cheers. V., Edmonton, AB.

12 janv. 2014

Je ne vais encore pas m'étendre sur le sujet...... juste dire que vous pouvez acheter cette absinthe les yeux fermés, je ne l'ai goûté qu'une seule fois (je viens de recevoir ma commande, qui d'ailleurs est toujours parfaitement emballée, il faut le préciser, bravo !) mais elle devient directement une de mes préférées........... dommage qu'elle ne soit pas dans les prix les plus bas, la vie est mal foutue !!!!! (bon ça va je déconne un peu, chose indispensable dans la vie !!) :)
Ne la goûtez pas, vous ne pourrez plus vous en passer :)

10 janv. 2014

Absinthe avec un goût très évolutif, un riche bouquet de saveurs sagement dosés sans sombrer trop dans l'amertume qui pourrait couper le goût. A recommander!

9 janv. 2014

Some of the Best Absinthe I have ever Tasted, love the Whole Jade line

18 oct. 2013

Une des toutes meilleures absinthe, douce et parfumée, son degré d'alcool n'est pas gênant et elle n'est pas
agressive. Elle se boit très (trop) facilement.

7 sept. 2013

Excellente Absinthe, bon goût en bouche, odorante, parfumée, je la recommande.

6 sept. 2013

I can't describe absinthe the way certain connoisseurs can ...but I have tried about 12 brands from various distillers and distilleries which I think let's me distinguish from quality absinthe which has been distilled with quality ingredients vs absinth which should not even be called so ...I have tried some of these also.

I can only speak for this 1901 PF as I have not tried the remaining Jades...tasting this is more than a description or breakdown of flavours but...a feeling ...a sensation of being transported to another time another era when this drink was at the peak of it's popularity....tasting this Jade I now know why this elixir was so accepted and embraced 100 years ago.

For a short period of time as I sip my glass of PF 1901 ...I am sitting in a lounge ,in France 100 years ago among friends ...having an enlightened discussion about what I would change about the world to make it a place where everyone could feel the way I'm feeling right at this moment.That's what 1901 tastes like.


8 août 2013

Not having tasted preban Pernod Fils I cannot say if it is true to the original formula.I can say that this is one of the better absinthes I have tried.It is smooth & mellow w/ a pleasing aftertaste.I will be getting more of this & I recommend it to anyone who enjoys absinthe.It is a great way to start if you are a beginner.

30 juil. 2013

Well this might be the crown jewel in modern absinthe. Most of the time listed in people's top 3 or 5 for sure. If you want to try a higher end very well regarded absinthe or maybe just to impress your friends, this is the absinthe for you. You will find yourself coming back to this one time and time again.

3 juil. 2013

This was a great bottle. I couldn't have asked for better absinthe. Also shipping to the states was very quick.

23 avr. 2013

This is my second bottle of Jade PF 1901 (first one with the new label). I must say that if you are a fan of pronounced wormwood in your absinthe, this one is for you. I profess to be of that ilk and absolutely love the stuff. When prepared in a bubble glass, the louche mesmerizes as the captivating bouquet fills the room. The tongue-numbing bite of the grand wormwood pleasingly coats the mouth each time you imbibe. Hats off to Mr. Breaux! A sante!

8 avr. 2013

Très bonne absinthe, très odorante et gustativement c'est une explosion de saveurs. Le degré d'alcool n'est pas plus perceptible que ça sauf à boire une absinthe plus légère après!!! Je comprends pourquoi Pernod-Fils en vendait autant à l'époque malgré son prix un peu plus élevé que ses concurrentes...

31 mars 2013

Excellent absinthe. Second only to Edouard and for my tast egual to Butterfly. I give only 4 stars because for my taste it is too much gentle.

28 mars 2013

Une Absinthe puissante et authentique vous transportant à la Belle Époque. Très chargée en arômes naturels, vous pourrez sans difficulté en énumérer la composition rien qu'en prenant le temps de la déguster.

Le 68° ne se sent pas comme toujours, après ça buvez un bourbon et cela vous semblera de l'eau !

27 mars 2013

This absinthe comes well recommended and for good reason. The taste is quite superb to other absinthes I have tried and raises the standards to which I judge other brands.

27 mars 2013

Excellente absinthe, les arômes sont bien présents et complexes, légèrement anisée. On en abuse facilement !

8 mars 2013

I like this absinthe: it gives me the sensation of nostalgia of something - I just can't place what that something is - it's like trying to remember a song or place. They flavor is smooth and very well rounded, and it has a lovely smell and louche. It definitely gave me good bearing on the other attempts at the Pernod Fils style absinthes, and is an excellent barometer for appreciating this style of absinthe.

7 nov. 2012

I've provided my background and experience at the end of this review, so you might weigh my comments to others on the site.


I really wish I could've given the PF1901 4.5 stars, but since I can't rate with half stars I gave it a 4 rather than a 5. I'd rather go under than over. Worst case scenario, you'll have lower expectations that'll be greatly exceeded once you try the bottle for yourself.

Eyes: A Hollywood-worthy louche for filming, with slow clouding, beautiful thickness, and vibrant color. If Jade's PF1901 was the movie-industry standard for filming absinthe scenes in movies, I would not AT ALL be surprised. GORGEOUS.

Nose: The nose smells inviting, but the bouquet is a bit restricted and tight. By the time my bottle had been able to breathe, I wasn't able to re-evaluate. The nose does evolve in the glass, though it seems the anise drives the bouquet rather than more exquisite floral notes. Having said that, I must say the way the anise performs gets to be quite interesting, and there's a uniqueness to it that outshines any other absinthe I've had. You'll see the word intriguing used by a lot of Absinthe consumer reviewers, though they tend to be the type who like creating a mood in their reviews as much as describing the bottle. When I say intriguing, I really mean it - this nose will make you smell the glass and take your time treating this absinthe like a wine while you experience the anise evolve over an hour or two. It's really a novel and rewarding experience for a more experienced absinthe connoisseur.

Mouth-feel: Surprisingly light, with a hint of oily-ness, but not at all unpleasent. The 'coat' you feel is actually perfect if you're having the 1901 on ICE on a hot day, or paired with the right food (thin, light wafers or artisan bread crackers perhaps) in cooler climates.

Palette: I can't put words to this. It's what you want in an absinthe. Close to the "Absinthe Abisinthe Amer", but with a pit of a musky cologne added. It's more of a smell, but it really only hits you once you've had your first sip and press your tongue to the roof of your mouth. It is AMAZING, and hands down fantastic.

Conclusion : bulk if you can, and prepare to be amazed! This is in my top 3 bottles of all time, and I wish I could afford to keep it stocked year round! A FANTASTIC expression from a nearly flawless producer!

2006 - Tasted my 1st Absinthe (All European)
2007 - Tasted 6 Absinthes new to me (All European)
2008 - Tasted 6 Absinthes new to me (All European)
2009 - Tasted 2 Absinthes new to me (US Only)
2010 - Tasted 5 Absinthes new to me (4 Euro, 1US)
2011 - Tasted 12 Absinthes new to me (All European)
I'm also a level-1 graduate from the Mastercourt of Sommeliers, worked in the wine industry from 2001-2008, and run an independent cellar-stocking business, where my palette is trusted by high-end clients to purchase wines matching their tastes and expectations of quality. Additionally, since 2010 I've hosted a semi-annual Absinthe Dinner for party sizes of 35-70 guests. Each course is paired with a dish developed uniquely to match the absinthe ordered for the event. Each event usually fills up more quickly with reservations than the previous one, due to the patrons enjoying the pairings and bottle choices to such a significant degree.

10 oct. 2012

I'm satisfied! about service and about Absinthe... it's my favourites!

24 sept. 2012

I had extremely high expectations for this absinthe and it exceeded all of them. Perfectly balanced taste without a strong alcohol taste. It has a nice natural sweetness. This is the best absinthe I have tried. Amazing.

16 mai 2012

Ein sehr guter Absinth – schmeckt nicht ganz so gut wie der originale Pernod Fils, aber dennoch einer meiner absoluten Favoriten! Danke für die extra-schnelle Lieferung.

16 mai 2012

Der neue 1901 ist unglaublich! Jedes einzelne Detail, vom Erscheinungsbild bis zum Abgang, zeigt eine elegante Balance von Wermut und Fenchel auf. Ich liebe das neue Label, und finde das schwarz-gold-farbmuster mit der fleur de lis sehr treffend, wenn man die Geschichte dieses Absinthes betrachtet.

16 mai 2012

Ich trinke die Jades jetzt schon seit ein paar Jahren, aber dieser ist zweifellos der Beste. Ich war zuerst etwas skeptisch, weil dieser Absinth so jung ist, aber nach ein paar Gläsern war ich überzeugt. Ein fantastisch cremiges Gefühl breitet sich im Mund aus, und dann ein frischer, herber Geschmack im Abgang, wow! Ich weiss, das ist Ketzerei, aber ich ziehe ihn sogar seinem Vorgänger vor der Zeit des Verbots vor, welchen ich vor ein paar Jahren sehr teuer erworben habe. Hat sich das Rezept verändert? Alles in Alleim ein toller Absinth. Enttäuscht war ich nur von dem neuen Label auf der Flasche, es ist grauenhaft und erinnert zu stark an all die miesen Absinthe die sich in Bars tummeln – ändert das bloß so schnell wie möglich!

16 mai 2012

Einfach einer meiner Liebsten, zusammen mit dem Jade d'Edouard und dem Doubs mystique. Lieblich und gut ausbalanciert.

13 mai 2012

The new 1901 is amazing! Every single detail from appearance to finish has been taken into account with a really nice balance of wormwood and fennel. I love the new label, I think the black and gold theme with the fleur de lis is certainly appropriate given the history of the brand.

6 mai 2012

I've been drinking Jades for years and without a doubt this is the best yet. I was apprehensive about the very recent bottling date but having tried several glasses I'm completely gobsmacked (English expression meaning overwhelmed). Fantastic opaque louche, creamy mouthfeel and that fresh herbal bouquet wow! This is heresy I know but I preferred it to a preban PF I purchased a great cost some years ago. Have the distilling protocols changed or what? This is good stuff. Only thing I hated was the new bottle label, it's ghastly and too reminiscent in its all black appearance of the foul oil mixes cluttering up so many bars. Change it ASAP.

Best regards

4 avr. 2012

Simply one of my favorites along with Jade L'Esprit d'Edouard and Doubs mystique. Smooth and well balanced.

8 oct. 2011

This absinthe was very, very good. It's color and scent are most natural in and out of the bottle, most easily described by all who imbibed as peridot The louche is full of shimmering trails and thickens slowly but completely, amazing those who'd never heard of such a such in an elixir before. The anise smell deepens quickly with water, revealing many small flashes of other herbs; maybe angelica, maybe hyssop - delightfully foreign to those of us not used to herbal flavors. The bite of the high proof is completely absent, leaving only a thick creaminess that a friend described as vanilla and powdered sugar. Our tastes were best served without sugar. Gorgeous in all phases and well-worth the money.

14 juil. 2011

very good absinthe...not as tasty as the original Pernod fils, of course, but still one of my favourites!!
thanks for the extra fast delivery!

9 sept. 2010

Absolutely the BEST! Jade PF 1901 is something wonderful.... I've no word to describe what this Absinthe is...
The perfect balance between the various herbs, every taste comes perfectly with the others and the result is a full bodied flavor, compact and crisp! In my Absinthe chart is the first place!Nothing else could be better than PF 1901!
Always compared with a very expansive pre-ban absinthe sample, as well as all the other Jade products (Blanchette excluded), PF 1901 is perfect, perfect and one more time perfect! Ten stars is the right score for this product!

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Jade Liqueurs & Combier, France


Voici très certainement une distillerie historique et réputée : la distillerie Combier, productrice des absinthes Jade. Nous ne saurions vous présenter Combier et ses Jade sans vous introduire au célèbre Ted Breaux. Chimiste de formation, son intérêt pour l'absinthe remonte à 1993, lorsqu'un collège de laboratoire fit un commentaire anodin sur la fée verte. Intrigué, il s'interrogea sur le mystère scientifique et la désinformation entourant l'absinthe, et cet intérêt passager se transforma en passion, puis le poussa à devenir lui-même distillateur, s'attachant particulièrement à reproduire les absinthes d'antant avec une fidélité ...micro-moléculaire. Pour produire ses absinthes, il s'associa à une distillerie établie en France dans la petite ville de Saumur en vallée de Loire : la distillerie Combier, dont l'histoire remonte à 1834. Bien que spécialisé dans les liqueurs (avant de devenir distillerie, elle fut à ses débuts une confiserie), l'art de l'absinthe ne leur est pas inconnu puisque leur première fut produite en 1899 : la Blanchette, qui est toujours commercialisée à l'heure actuelle.


L'art de la distillation chez Combier :

Combier possède son propre champ de grande absinthe (2 cultivars différents). Les herbes sont encore récoltées à la main et séchées traditionnellement dans un grenier. Combier possède 10 alambics du 19ème siècle dans sa salle de distillation, dont 8 du fabriquant Egrot, celui-là même qui fabriqua les alambics de Pernod Fils à l'époque.

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